069: 5 Simple Steps to Creating Routines

Routines can be a powerful tool to hep you manage your time well. Listen to the latest episode of Live It Out With The Planning Woman to hear how you can create routines in 5 easy steps.

A routine is one time management tool you can use to improve your life. As we head into the new year, let’s learn how to create routines that are simple yet effective so we can live our best life.

Before I get into how to create and establish routines, let’s first talk about what routines are and what they aren’t. 

Routines are not super structured. They are not meant to restrict your life. In fact, they are quite opposite from anything rigid and limiting.

Routines are simply a guide to help you accomplish certain tasks.

Episode 69 of Live It Out With The Planning Woman

Types of Routines

When you think of routines I would guess you most often think of morning and evening routines. But did you know you can develop routines for just about any time of your day?

There are routines for mid-morning, mid-afternoon, afternoon, and early evening. You can also create routines for just about any group of tasks you normally do around the same time each day.

Benefits of Routines

  • Improve your time management
  • Give you more control over your life
  • Can be a simple yet powerful tool

Steps to Create a Routine

  1. Determine the amount of time you have to complete the routine.
  2. Make a list of all the things you want to get done in the routine.
  3. Know your energy levels.
  4. Put the routine in place.
  5. Evaluate and adjust as needed.

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