068: The Mindset of Organization

Organizing your papers and your home doesn't have to be complicated. You just need the right tools and mindset. Join The Planning Woman as she talks with Michele Vinje about the mindset of organization in the latest episode of Live It Out With The Planning Woman.

This week’s episode is all about organizing…organizing your papers and your home. 

It was my pleasure to talk with Michele Vinje of Organized Freedom, LLC. We are both certified paper organizers through Organize 365. Michele and I met at a certified organizer retreat in September.

In this episode, we talk about how we both love the Sunday Basket system and how it helps us to organize our minds and our to-do lists. 

Sunday Basket System

We both agree the Sunday Basket system has several benefits.

  1. It helps you to organize your papers. We all have papers taking up space around our homes. The Sunday Basket provides a place to corral them.
  2. It helps you organize your brain. You can put all those ideas that are floating around in your head into the Sunday Basket and get them off your brain.
  3. It helps you organize your calendar. When you process the Sunday Basket each week you begin to see what activities are most important. You can then get them on your calendar and keep conflicts from occurring.

Organizing Your Home

Episode 68 of Live It Out With The Planning Woman

We also talk about how to look at our homes with a new perspective when we try to organize.

Michele and I both agree that our homes don’t have to be Pinterest perfect to be organized. They just need to work for us.

Organizing the areas where we spend the most time will make the most impact on our homes. Once we have these spaces under control, then we can work on other areas of our home.

Listen to the episode to hear our conversation and learn how you can organize your papers and home better.

Would you like help in organizing your papers or home? Contact either Michele or me to get started!


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