166: What Does it Look Like to Live Out Your Faith With Courage?

In episode 165, I shared how it looks to live out your faith with clarity. If you listened to that episode, you’ll recall that I mentioned a survey I sent out to my newsletter subscribers a few months ago. The responses showed that women struggled to make the time necessary to live out their faith.

After analyzing the survey results, I concluded that women need to know how to live out their faith with clarity, courage, and consistency. In episode 166, I will share what it means to live out your faith with courage.

When I think about living out my faith, I typically think of doing things like reading my bible, praying, and serving others. And while those are all a part of living out my faith, the fact that I need the courage to live out my faith cannot be overlooked.

When looking at modern culture versus how life was like even just 20 years ago, we can see that it is becoming increasingly more challenging to live out our faith without opposition. We here in America are not yet experiencing the type of persecution that other Christians are around the world. But it’s not a huge leap to say that type of persecution may become the norm here in the near future.

Whether or not you feel opposition when you live out your faith, you still need the courage to be an effective witness for Christ. So what does it look like to have that courage?

Listen in to hear three situations that require us to have courage so we can live out our faith.

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