165: What Does Living Out Your Faith With Clarity Look Like?

Do you struggle with knowing how to live out your faith? A few weeks ago, I sent a survey to my newsletter subscribers. I asked them what their biggest struggle was when it came to living out their faith. There were several women who answered with things like not knowing how to pray effectively or how to stand firm in a world that is so opposed to God. But the one thing most women mentioned was time and consistency.

I think some women were coming from the perspective of having a daily quiet time. They confess to not making it a priority. But having a quiet time is just one part of our faith life. If you read the Bible, you’ll read stories about people whose faith encompasses their whole life.

I think we should strive for our faith to be the priority in all we do. But how do we do that?

The episodes of the podcast this month will revolve around one theme: How can we live out our faith with clarity, courage, and consistency? In this episode, episode 165, I will share what it looks like to live out your faith with clarity.

Listen in to hear three things you can do to live out your faith with clarity.

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