164: How a Community Can Help You Live Out Your Calling

Hey, friend! Have you tried to live out your calling but found yourself tired, unmotivated, or unsure about what you should be doing?

When we try to do life on our own, it’s easy to become discouraged. But when we surround ourselves with godly friends and family, we stand a better chance of living out what God has called us to do.

In episode 164, I will share how being a part of a community can help you live out your calling.

December is such a busy month, but it’s also a time when we begin to reflect on the year and look ahead to the new year. Often this means we start thinking about ways to improve different areas of our lives.

This is a great time to think about your calling in your current season of life. Maybe you already know the new year will bring some changes in your life. While it’s tempting to try to figure things out on your own, I would like to suggest that you think about involving others in your quest to live out your calling.

I have become a big believer in community. Especially since the pandemic began. I’ve been blessed to be a part of several online communities that encouraged me so much when we couldn’t gather together physically.

I’ve learned that living out my calling in my current season of life is so much more fulfilling with a community to support me than trying to live it out on my own.

Listen in to learn three benefits of being in a community.

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