158: The One Question You Need to Ask to Keep Your Schedule Under Control

Do you find yourself rushing from task to task, appointment to appointment, or obligation to obligation feeling like there is no end in sight for the work you need to do?

We’ve probably all been in this position from time to time. So how do we stop the chaos so we can live out God’s calling on our lives with intention and in peace?

Join me in episode 158 as I share the one question you need to ask yourself to help keep your schedule under control and to be able to live out God’s calling with confidence, calm, and clarity.

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • Four reasons we add things to our calendar or schedule that are not always necessary
  • The one question you should ask yourself to keep your schedule under control
  • Why we need to know God’s calling on our life
  • How looking into the future can help us focus on the right things in the present
  • Jennifer’s new journey
  • How Jennifer is looking into the future to know what to do right now

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