151: Strategies for Avoiding a Time Management OOPS

Have you ever experienced a time management “oops?”

We’ve all done it before. You know, saying “yes” to something when our hearts and minds (and calendars) tell us to say “no.” Or we agree to take on too many responsibilities because we believe we have the time to take care of them all.

Maybe it’s because we don’t want to let others down. Or perhaps we just have a burning desire to help out and are always looking for an opportunity to serve. Most likely, though, it’s because we overestimate our available time and have not learned to say “no” effectively.

A few years ago, I went through training to become a Certified Life Coach. During my studies, I came across an interesting way to describe this problem of overestimating our available time. It’s called OOPS–Overly Optimistic Planning Syndrome.

In episode 151, I’ll share my experience with a time management OOPS and give you some strategies for avoiding a time management OOPs in the future.

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • Why saying “yes” immediately when asked to do something is not a good idea
  • Three things you can do when faced with a time management OOPS
  • Clarifying questions you need to ask yourself
  • The power of making one simple change at a time

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