148: Navigating Life Transitions with Pat Fenner

Do you struggle with change? Is it hard for you to make transitions in life?

Today in Episode 148 of Live It Out With The Planning Woman, I talk with Pat Fenner about how we can navigate life transitions more easily and with intention.

Pat is my podcast editor, and I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her better over the last few months as she has helped me to produce this podcast.

You are going to love Pat’s down-to-earth attitude and philosophy on life. She has a lot of wisdom to share when it comes to the topic of transitions.

Pat Fenner’s happy places are the beach, the garden, or playing with “the grands.” But when she can’t be at any of those places, she’s busy working as a podcast manager or hosting her own StrongWomenBrightFuture podcast. Follow the show for helpful and interesting info, or book a free call to discuss using her management services for your podcast!

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • How good things can happen after hard seasons
  • Looking at hard seasons with gratitude for lessons learned
  • Learning the biggest lesson of all, relying on God
  • Different kinds of transitions in life
  • Habits to develop for being prepared for life transitions

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