147: Creating a System for Tracking Progress on Your Projects

This episode is part three of a series I’ve been doing on managing your personal and home projects.

In episode 145, we discussed the difference between a project and a task. I also shared in that episode my five-step process for managing your projects.

In episode 146, I walked through the process I take when deciding which projects to tackle at any given time.

So if you haven’t listened to those episodes, go check them out. They are both short episodes that will help you define your projects and decide which ones to take on right now.

Today I will share my best tips for setting up a system to track your projects so you can stay on top of them and complete them in a timely manner.

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • How my background shaped how I keep track of my projects
  • Why you need to have just one place to track your projects
  • Three steps to take to keep track of your projects and their projects

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

How to Set Up a Weekly Review System

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