146: How to Decide Which Projects to Tackle Right Now

Welcome to episode 146 of Live It Out With The Planning Woman. This episode is part two of a three-part series I’m doing on the topic of home and personal projects.

In episode 145, I shared my five-step process for managing your home and personal projects. In next week’s episode, I’ll give my best tips for setting up a system to track your projects.

Today I will walk you through the process I go through when deciding which projects to tackle at any given time. This process has its foundations in something that I talk about all the time: knowing your priorities for your current season of life. If you don’t know your priorities, you may try to work on a project that could be more easily accomplished at a different time.

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • Why you need to know your priorities
  • 5 steps for deciding which projects to tackle
  • How the concept of delete, delegate, and defer can help narrow your focus when picking projects
  • The three things you need to be able to pick the right project for the right time

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