130: How to Take Control of Your Time When Life is Overwhelming

This month on Live It Out With The Planning Woman, we’ve talked about practical ways to use our time better. There have been episodes on creating and using routines, meal planning, and organizing your closet.

What I want to share today is my thoughts on how to take control of your time when life is overwhelming. What I have to share today comes from my current situation of being a caregiver for my mom, but you can use what I’ve learned to apply in any stressful season of life. And the things I share today really are things we need to think about before we even have these stressful times. Because when we have good time management systems in place, we are better able to make the necessary adjustments when unexpected things happen.

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • How the first three months of this year have been overwhelming for me
  • How to recognize the lessons God is teaching you through an overwhelming season of life
  • Three strategies to help you take control of your time

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

The Live It Out Starter Guide

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