113: Manage Your Time Better by Learning to Say No

If you are listening in real-time, you know it’s December 1, 2021 —the beginning of the last month of the year.

Not only is it the last month of the year, but it’s also often the busiest because of all the extra obligations we take on during the holidays. If you have kids in school, the semester is winding down for them. Church activities ramp up during this time. Then there is all that goes along with celebrating Christmas.

It’s no wonder we’re exhausted by the end of the month. However, if you’re anything like me, you also get energized during this time because you know the new year is right around the corner.

And a new year brings prospects of new goals, new ideas, and potentially a new perspective.

Starting next week, I’m going to do a four-part series on setting goals. Today, though, I want to talk about something that tends to hold us back when it comes to achieving our goals. And that is not knowing how to say no effectively.

Maybe you don’t have any trouble telling people no when they ask for your time. However, you still may not be using your no in the best way possible.

I believe, though, that most of you listening struggle with telling people no. It’s very common to let a yes slip out when we really don’t want to do something.

Why do we do this? Why can’t we just say no?

Listen to this episode to learn the answer to these questions and discover how you can learn to say no.

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • Four reasons we have a hard time saying no
  • Three tips to help you learn how to say no
  • Three options to say no in a polite way

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

The Live It Out Starter Guide

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