111: How to Set Up a Household Hub

This month on the podcast, I’ve shared some ways to help you take control of your time and your home so you can make room for the most important things.

Today I want to dive into another practical topic that will help you take control of your time and home. And that is setting up a household hub.

You may have heard of concepts such as setting up a command center or control central in your home. A household hub is essentially the same thing. However, I view the household hub as a place where not only the primary caretaker of the home and family runs the business of the home; it’s a place where the whole family can contribute and know where to find information about what’s going on in your family at any given time.

Another reason I like to refer to this space as a household hub is that the terms command center or control central makes me think of a military operation. Now, I know running the business of your home and family may feel like you need military strategies and plans to get everything done. However, I think the term household hub better reflects the purpose of this space.

Listen to learn how you can set up a household hub right now.

In This Week’s Episode, We Cover:

  • Six questions to ask yourself to see if a household hub will work for you.
  • A simple four step process to set up a household hub.
  • Dispelling myths about what a household hub should look like.

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