110: Organizing Your Prayer Closet with Gina Duke

This week’s episode features an informative and inspiring conversation with Gina Duke about how to organize our prayers.

We talked about the importance of having a prayer time to pray for others and grow our relationship with God.

We discussed how we did not know if God really answered prayers at different points in our lives because we never took the time to write down and follow through with what we were praying for. Through writing down or journaling our prayers, we can see that God truly does answer prayer.

Gina has written a book/prayer journal titled, Organizing Your Prayer Closet. In this book, Gina shares ten different areas to focus on during prayer time over a week. Gina’s book is a great place to start if you want to start journaling or writing down your prayers.

Gina Duke is an award-winning author, speaker, strategy coach, and podcast host of the Gina Duke Show. She is the Christian author of Abingdon Press’s book Organizing Your Prayer Closet that introduces the gift of structured prayer journaling.  Gina helps Christian women grow in faith, order, and influence as leaders in ministry and the marketplace.  She is a content provider for iDisciple, Jennifer Rothschild’s Womensministry.net, and Proverbs31 Ministries latest devotional, Hope When Your Heart is Heavy.

Gina lives just outside Nashville with her husband.  She is the mother of two daughters and Gigi to five grandchildren. As much as she loves her family, she is keenly aware that hot fudge cake comes into a close second.  

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • Why it’s important to journal or write down our prayers
  • How God uses prayer to talk to us
  • Ways God has spoken through prayer

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Find Gina on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/theginaduke/

Gina’s Website https://ginaduke.com/

Gina’s Etsy Store https://www.etsy.com/shop/ChurchtownMarket

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