Ep. 100 How to Live Out Your Priorities

I’m so excited to re-launch the Live It Out With The Planning Woman Podcast!

If you are new to following me, I launched this podcast in June of 2018 and ran it through May 2020. I took some time off to clarify the message that God was placing on my heart to share with women. I floundered for years going back and forth between different topics as my main focus. And I knew it was time to narrow down my message once and for all and put all I had into sharing that message.

The message I feel God has led me to share with you is this:

We need to declutter our mind, home, and life so we can live out what matters most.

I’m excited to walk with you through your journey of decluttering and discovering what matters most in your own life. Through this podcast, we’ll dive into topics that will give you practical solutions for your daily life. And you’ll learn how God cares for all the details of your life. He will always be present in every episode.


  • What it means to “Live It Out”
  • The definition of priorities
  • Why it’s important to determine our current roles and responsibilities
  • Three simple steps to help you determine your priorities


The Live It Out Starter Guide

This guide will help you start decluttering your mind and life in three simple steps!

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