Do What You Can {Balanced Challenge Day 6}

Taking the 15 Minute Challenge

Do you ever have those moments where you look at your schedule or the piles around your home and think to yourself, “I’ll never get this all done?” Yeah, me too!

I was excited about today’s challenge because it is actually something I do all the time. Tricia challenged us to make the most of small moments we have throughout the day to get tasks accomplished. For instance, if you have 15 minutes before you need to head off to the next appointment or errand, use that time to start a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, or sort through a stack of papers.

I’ve written before about how I use the 2-minute rule to get things done quickly. I’ve also written about immediately doing tasks that take less than 5 minutes to accomplish.

I had just the opportunity to put this all into practice a couple of days ago. My plans for the day included writing, cleaning house, and getting ready to host a sleepover for my daughter’s friends. I had lots I needed to get accomplished that day.

My friend Shana, who is an awesome organizer (check her blog out here), texted me to let me know she had some unexpected available time that morning where she could come over and help me figure out how to re-organize my office. We had been planning on doing this in the coming week. I was thrilled that she could come over so soon because I really wanted to get my office cleaned up as soon as possible.

So, that meant I had to readjust my schedule for the day. While I was waiting for her to come over, I spent 15 minutes putting clean sheets on the bed, cleaning the powder bath, and getting my daughter’s sheets to put in the washer. Even though I work in short bursts like this sometimes, I really was amazed at what I got accomplished in that short amount of time.

When Shana left, I had about 2 hours to complete the rest of my to-do list. While I did not get it all done, I was able to get most of the tasks accomplished.

I was also forced to decide between what really needed to be done during that time and what could be done at a later time. Sometimes when we are pressed for time, we are forced to prioritize our to-do lists. If you are like me then you may find that some tasks are not really necessary or important.

Now it’s your turn to take the challenge! What can you get accomplished in 15 minutes? Make a list of different tasks that can be accomplished during this time frame. Then when you have a few moments, pick one or two of them and get to work.

Leave a comment below and share your ideas for using short amounts of time to get things accomplished.

Get Balanced!
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  1. Great job! It really helps me when I ask, “What is the ONE thing that I need to get done first?”

    1. Yes! I’m learning that too. I think I get more done when I concentrate on one thing at a time instead of stressing over my whole to-do list.

  2. Love it. Emilie Barnes taught me the power of 15 minutes. I sadly forget to implement it, but it is powerful when I do! I need to be more intentional with my girls about chores. I use small sticky notes -which I put up on a board each weekend. They throw them away throughout the week as they get things done. I have a color for each of them. We have strayed from this a bit lately, but plan to get back at it when Spring break is over. Loved our time together. Giving fresh eyes to your project motivated me on my own-and guess where I went when I left your place-Container Store!!!!!

    1. Thank you for coming over! I’ll have to send you pics. I spent most of Saturday getting my office cleaned up. I’m looking forward to using it on a regular basis now!

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