Created for a Purpose

Created for a Purpose

SUUUUUB-merged! Submerged!

These words have been stuck in my head all week. My kids and I have been working in Vacation Bible School at our church this week. The theme is Submerged. After hearing the theme song several times a day, I can’t get it out of my head!

The kids have been learning about diving deep and looking below the surface as they learn more about Jesus and the purpose that God has for their lives.

My daughter has been working with the babies and toddlers while my son and I have been teaching 3rd grade missions. It has been so fun playing games with the kids and sharing stories about missionaries.

One of my favorite parts about teaching missions is helping the kids to understand that they can be missionaries wherever they are. They don’t have to move to another city, state, or country. They can tell other people about Jesus wherever they live.

This year’s theme has focused a lot on purpose and how they were created uniquely by God. This verse wasn’t one of the ones they learned this week, however I can’t help but think how applicable it is to what they’ve been learning:

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:14

As fun as it has been teaching the kids to understand how God created each of them uniquely for a special purpose, I think it’s even more fun when adults discover the very same thing.

Maybe you are struggling with identifying your purpose. Let me share a few concepts the kids learned this week. Hopefully you will be able to see through these concepts how God uniquely created you.

We are created with different preferences and likes.

The kids learned that they all like different things. Some like sports, some like music, and others like to read. However, they also discovered that they had things in common with each other.

It is amazing that while God created us all uniquely, He still allows us to share common interests with others. When we identify our common interests, that opens doors for us to develop relationships with others. When we develop those relationships, we are then able to share Jesus with others.

We are created to be creative.

We played a game with the kids where I held up a pair of dowel sticks and asked the kids what they could do with the sticks.

The kids were so creative with their answers. From ski poles to roasting marshmallows, weapons to chopsticks, and everything in between.

The kids learned that just like the things they like to do, they could use their creativity to meet others and tell them about Jesus.

God knows where we are going even if we don’t.

We studied about a missionary family that knew God was calling them to start a church in a big city. They just didn’t know where.

After much praying and searching, they sensed God’s call to move to Atlanta. The kids learned that God knows where we are going in life even if we don’t. They learned that it is important to pray and seek God’s plan before they move forward in life.

When we put all three of these concepts together, we can see that God has created us to glorify Him by accepting His Son Jesus as our Savior. We can also glorify Him by using how He has created us to tell others about Jesus.

I am praying that the kids are letting these concepts sink in. I am praying for you also. If you ever struggle with your purpose I hope you will seek God and allow Him to speak to you.

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