A Closer Look Inside My Planner-Getting Things Done Section

A Closer Look Inside My Planner

Welcome to part 2 of my series A Closer Look Inside My Planner!

This week I am focusing on the Getting Things Done section. While the calendar section helps me to plan my days and my work, the Getting Things Done section holds all of the details of what needs to be done.

GTD Section

I’ve named this section after the time management method called Getting Things Done by David Allen. I’ve mentioned in other posts that this is the time management method I follow.

I am using a set of 5 tab top dividers that were given to my by Arienne at Life is Crafted. These dividers separate my to-do lists and projects in a way that helps me to stay on top of what I need to do.

GTD Sections

The tabbed dividers I have in this section are:

  • Brain Dump
  • Current Projects
  • Next Actions
  • Routines 
  • Goals

1. Brain Dump

This section is where I write down everything I can think of that I need to do. I usually try to do brain dump sessions once or twice a month. This helps me to get everything out of my mind and on paper so I can figure out what needs to be done.

I also write things down here as soon as they cross my mind. Having one place to keep all my to-dos together helps me to not forget anything.

2. Current Projects

I use this section to flesh out the steps needed to complete projects I’m working on in the near future. Right now I’m focusing on cleaning out our home in the hopes we will sell it soon. So, all of my projects are related to decluttering.

I have lists for each area of my home that needs to be decluttered. The tasks on these lists are sometimes transferred to my weekly and/or daily calendar pages. Often, though, I just have an item that says “work on _____ decluttering” and I’ll spend time in that area and check things off as I complete them.

3. Next Actions

The next actions section is where I have set up pages by context to record next actions from each of my projects. I have pages for computer, phone, home, and errands.

Because most of my current projects revolve around getting my home in order, I’ve not re-listed all those tasks on the sheet for home.

When I do have projects with multiple steps that involve being on my computer, calling someone, and running an errand, I can separate those tasks out by context so I can work on computer tasks when I’m on the computer, make all my phone calls at once, and run all my errands at one time.

Having lists by context help me to make the most of my time when I am in those contexts.

4. Routines

This section is where I record my routines. I have a great evening routine going, but my morning routine still needs some work. I also keep my cleaning schedule here as well as other routines I’m trying to follow.

5. Goals

I have to admit I’m not really using this section much at the moment. It is a place I can keep my goals in one place. I really have not made the time to solidify my goals and put them on paper. This is something I plan to do soon. Because, how can I move forward if I don’t know what my goals are?

So, there you have it! The Getting Things Done section of my planner is key to how I manage my time.

Look inside GTD Section

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