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A Closer Look Inside My Planner-Home Section

A Closer Look Inside My Planner

For the third part of the A Closer Look Inside My Planner series I want to share the home section. The Calendar Section keeps me on track with my appointments and work, and the Getting Things Done Section keeps up with all the details related to my to-do lists. The Home Section is where I keep up with things related to taking care of our home.

Home Section

This section is actually one that is still in progress for me. I don’t have a lot in it yet, however I do know what I want to keep there.

Currently I just have a sheet that keeps track of the attachments I have for my Happy Everything plate and soap dispenser. I have them listed by the month that I use them.

These are the other types of things I want to keep in this section:

  • paint colors in my home
  • room sizes
  • lists of seasonal decor
  • home maintenance information
  • anything related to running our home

Having this kind of information readily available will help me as I take care of our home.

planner home section

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