A Closer Look Inside My Planner-Blog Section

A Closer Look Inside My Planner

Welcome to the fifth and final installment of the A Closer Look Inside My Planner series.

I’ve shared how the Calendar Section keeps me on task with my appointments and to-do lists, the Getting Things Done Section holds all of the details of what needs to be done, the Home Section keeps track of the things related to taking care of our home, and the Reference Section holds the things I need to reference on a regular basis.

All of these sections work to together to help me take care of my home.

The last section in my planner is dedicated to my blog.

Blog Section

A few months ago I shared my favorite tools that keep my life and business organized. In that post I talked about a planner I used to keep up with all the details of my blog. After trying to keep up with it and my Filofax, I realized it was just too much.

I finally decided to add the Blog Section to keep up with the details of the work and projects I need to do related to my blog and other writing projects. I keep pages dedicated to each section of my blog that record lists of tasks that need to be completed related to those sections. I also have pages for general to-do lists, other writing projects, and speaking engagements.

I use the Calendar Section to keep up with my weekly to-dos and any appointments I have related to my blog, writing, or speaking.

Because I work from home, it’s hard to separate my work from my home life. I try to set working hours, but there are times I’ll take a break and do some home task.

The Blog Section is still a work in progress. However, I love having everything in one planner. I still use my blog notebook to keep up with reference material related to my blog. It’s wonderful to see all of my current projects and to-dos in my Filofax, though.

You may not have a blog, but if you have some other job that requires you to keep track of to-do lists and projects, you might consider making a section in your planner for it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. It has been fun giving you a closer look inside my planner.

Blog Section 2

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