Changing a Life, One Fair-Trade Product at a Time


When I am feeling down or uncertain about situations in my life, I try to remind myself how blessed I truly am. In our first world culture, it’s easy to become attached to our “rights” as we call them. Our right to a home, good education, health care, and employment.

To keep myself from focusing on what I think I should have or should be able to do, I think about others who are not so blessed to be living in a country where they would even have a chance at a good life. I also think about women especially who are trapped in situations beyond their control.

That’s why I’ve become a supporter of WorldCrafts. I’ve talked about organizing your home with fair-trade products. But I wanted to share more about what WorldCrafts really does so you can see the value of buying fair-trade.

WorldCrafts began in 1996 with just one artisan group. Now they work with dozens of artisan groups in over 30 countries around the world. By investing in product development, maintaining certain levels of products orders, and encouraging sustainable production practices, they help create viable employment for women and men in poverty.

Women are able to escape lifestyles of prostitution while parents are able to provide education and nutritious food for their children. Even men develop their artisan skills to provide a sustainable income that allows them to stay with their families instead of leaving them to find work.

So, you see, when you look at the lives of other people in third-world countries, you begin to understand that the problems we face in America pale in comparison.

Will you join me in changing a life? Purchasing even just one item will provide life change for a man, woman, or child. I hope you’ll consider visiting the WorldCrafts website and take a look at what they have to offer.

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    1. Thanks Emily! I love all the new products that are in the new catalog. I’m going to get an order in by the end of the week.

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