Bathroom Cabinet Organization

Bathroom cabinet organization

Last month I shared with you my home organization projects that I’m going to work on this year. For January I listed my daughter’s bedroom and closet and my bathroom cabinets.

Her room is so close to being complete. The closet system is installed, and all of her clothes have a home. All that’s left is just a little more de-cluttering. This has obviously taken much longer than expected. Hopefully I will be able to share the results of this project next week.

I did manage to get my bathroom cabinets cleaned out and re-organized. It took about 2-3 hours to get the whole project done. Let me share with you what I did.

counter before


dressing table before


counter top 2 before

You can see in these pictures that I had lots of things on my countertop that didn’t belong there. These items were there because there was no room for them in my cabinet and drawers.

under sink before

The cabinet underneath my sink was a jumbled mess. I found a ton of cosmetic bags and products that were expired or that I didn’t want anymore. (See pics further down)

top drawer before

This drawer didn’t look too bad. I just rearranged some things and moved some of the items to other places.

middle drawer before

This is my make-up drawer. As you can see, it was full to the brim of stuff.

bottom drawer before

I got rid of most of these items. I brought most of this stuff with me when we moved into this house 3 ½ years ago. Obviously it was time for them to go because I wasn’t using them.

dressing table drawer before

This is the lap drawer in the dressing table part of my sink area. Since I store my make-up in a make-up planner (go figure), I just use this area to store my brushes, comb, and other overflow make-up items.

side drawer 1 before

side drawer 2 before

My husband’s area of the bathroom has six drawers and he only uses three. So, I grabbed two of them to corral all the overflow of products that I had.

Ok, here is the really embarrassing part…

products 1

products 2

products 3

Yep, all this stuff came out of my cabinet and drawers! I had enough product to open my own beauty store. 🙂

cosmetic bags

These are the cosmetic bags I found buried under my cabinet.

So, after I took everything out of the cabinet and drawers, I began to sort what I wanted to keep, what I didn’t want to keep, and what to toss. Two garbage bags later plus some donations to my husband and daughter, I finally whittled down the pile to what I would be keeping.

Doesn’t this look much better?

counter after

Under the cabinet I stored the cosmetic bags I decided to keep, my hair products, hair tools, and lotions. As you can see there is a little room where I could stack some things. But I’d rather not.

under sink cabinet after

This drawer just got re-arranged a little bit.

top drawer after

Now I can access my make-up and skin care much easer.

middle drawer after

I finally got all of my charging cords in one place. In the back are some products I use on occasion.

bottom drawer after

This lap drawer got cleaned out and now just holds these few items.

dressing table drawer after

I decided to make this drawer the place to store all of my bath products.

side drawer 1 after

And, finally, this drawer holds some overflow items.

side drawer 2 after

I feel much better now that this has all been cleaned out. As long as I am diligent to use what I have and put things away where they belong, it should be easy to keep things looking neat and tidy.

How do you organize your bathroom cabinets?

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