A Simple Way of Storing Blankets and Throws

a simple way of storing blankets and throws

Fall’s cooler temperatures have finally arrived in Central Arkansas. When the temperatures drop, the blankets and throws come out of storage. It is not unusual to see three or four lying around our family room.

During the spring and summer months, we keep these stored in a cabinet in our family room. I have found that as we use them more it is easier to just leave them out. But how do you leave them out without making your home seem messy and unorganized?

Ok, I know this is super simple, but I remembered I had a large basket I bought from Longaberger many years ago. In fact, it has been sitting by our front door since last Christmas when I used it to hold poinsettias.

blanket basket

I decided to move it into our family room and put it in a corner where we could pile the blankets and make them more accessible. It may look a little messy, but at least they are all in one spot and not lying all over the room.

Storing the blankets in the basket helps us to tidy up the family room much more quickly. As a bonus, I think the basket filled with blankets makes our home feel much more comfortable and inviting.

How do you store your blankets and throws?

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