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5 Steps to a Better Morning

Getting my kids up and ready in the morning is one of my most difficult jobs as a mom.  By the time we actually make it out of the house, tempers are flaring and everyone is in a bad mood.

After thinking through what has been happening each morning and praying for wisdom and guidance, I’ve come up with the following actions steps that I hope will help our mornings run more smoothly.

  • Prepare-Good mornings start with good evenings. Each night before going to bed all homework will be done, papers will be signed, lunches and snacks will be prepared as much as possible, and clothes will be laid out.
  • Rest-We will all go to bed at an earlier time so that we will have adequate rest each night.
  • Discipline-Getting out of bed on time is essential. This will take lots of prayer and discipline. I will begin praying with my daughter each night before we go to bed that we will get the rest we need and will be able to get out of bed the next morning.
  • Focus-The TV will not be turned on in the mornings so that we can focus on getting ready and out the door. No electronics will be allowed until everything is done. This means being dressed to the shoes, teeth and hair brushed, and backpacks ready.
  • Attitude-I want to start having morning devotions with my kids. Hopefully this will set the tone for a positive day.









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