5 Benefits of an Evening Routine

5 Benefits of an Evening Routine

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To-do lists, calendars, schedules…these are all tools I use to stay on track with my goals and what needs to be taken care of in my life. So, it’s no surprise that I love routines and use them to help me move through my day.

While I’m still struggling to get up at a decent hour to create a consistent and effective morning routine, I have developed an evening routine that works well for me.

Some people resist having a routine because they think it will hinder spontaneity and force them to be rigid in their schedules. In my opinion, though, it’s certainly not anything super structured.

I like to think of a routine as a guide to help me accomplish certain tasks.

Still not sure developing an evening routine is worth it for you? Check out these 5 benefits I’ve discovered from having an evening routine.

Having an evening routine…

  1. Prepares me for the next day. When I look over my schedule for the next day the night before, I can begin thinking through my day and anticipate any challenges that may arise.
  2. Helps me to sleep better. Once I’ve assessed my schedule for the next day, I can put it out of my mind knowing that I’m aware of what needs to be done the next day. I sleep so much better when I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to do tomorrow.
  3. Creates a peaceful mood. My evening routine helps me to stay peaceful and in return allows my peaceful mood to spread through our home. When I’ve not followed through with my routine, I end up being stressed and that can be felt by my whole family.
  4. Keeps the house cleaner. Doing a couple of chores at night before I go to bed helps me to stay on top of keeping my house clean. When everything is in its place, I have to spend less time cleaning later.
  5. Allows me to stay organized. When I pick up and put things away, I am able to keep my home more organized. Just 5 minutes in the evening to put everything in its place can save a ton of time on busy mornings when everyone is trying to find what they need for the day.

My Evening Routine

9:00  run dishwasher, take medicine, check calendar for next day, thaw meat for dinner if needed, pick up and put things away
9:20  take off makeup, dress for bed, decide what to wear the next day
9:30  read, journal
10:00  lights out

I have added times to my routine to help me stay on task and get me in bed on time. If I don’t get to sleep by 10:00 or shortly after, I have a much harder time getting up the next morning.

I have to admit I don’t always get started at 9:00. Sometimes we have an event away from home that keeps me out later. Other times, my husband and I may be talking or I may be working on a project and not realize what time it is.

The goal of my evening routine is to set myself up for success for the next day and get in bed on time.

Do you have an evening routine? Share in the comments what your evening routine looks like.

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