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4 Tips for a Cleaner Home

4 Tips for a Cleaner Home


I’m so glad to be in a more laid back season. Well, scratch that. I thought this summer would be laid back and full of free time.

However, I’ve been pretty busy in the two weeks since my kids have been out of school. With vacation last week and doctors appointments and Vacation Bible School prep this week, I’ve not been able to get started on all the projects I’ve had on my mind.

And next week is not going to be any better. We have VBS in the mornings, and I have to work at my part-time job a couple of afternoons. I also have a few meetings scheduled.

I’m hopeful that the week after will provide me with much needed space to begin my summer projects so I can reach the goals I’ve set for myself.

One thing that has been pushed aside in all my busyness is cleaning our home. We’ve been in and out so much that there just hasn’t been much time to set aside to clean. Usually when I do have time to clean, it’s late at night and I’m already worn out!

It’s not easy to keep our homes clean these days. If you have children, a husband, and pets, then you know how tiring it is to keep cleaning up the same messes day after day.

And, if you’re anything like me, you have several areas in your home that need constant attention. Just picking up clutter and putting things back where they belong can take most of your cleaning time. So what can you do about it?

Here are a few strategies I’ve implemented in the quest to have a clean home:

1. Start where you are.

If our entire home is in disarray, we tend to think that every room needs to be perfectly de-cluttered and organized before we can maintain a clean home. NOT TRUE! Pick one area to begin with. Once it is de-cluttered and organized then you can continue to maintain it and keep it clean.

2. Enlist help.

Too often I do a majority of the cleaning because it’s just easier than begging a family member to help. If you have children at home, you are doing them a disservice by not showing them how to clean and maintain a home. Save your energy. Ask for help!

3. Institute a 15 minute clean sweep every night.

Before everyone heads off to bed, set a time for 15 minutes. During that time, have everyone pick up and put away items that have been left out. You may also want to assign one cleaning chore to each family member once a week to complete during this time. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in 15 minutes!

4. Don’t get discouraged.

By beginning small, enlisting help, and spending 15 minutes a day on maintenance, you can keep your home clean. Don’t focus on what is still cluttered. Work to maintain what you’ve already cleaned and de-cluttered and you will be motivated to move on to other areas to get them under control.

What are your tips for keeping your home clean?

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