About Jennifer

Have you been bombarded by the message that you have to be the perfect wife, perfect mom, and have a spotless and organized home to find fulfillment?

Are you overwhelmed?

Do you just want a home that is peaceful and comfy?

Let’s pursue peace instead of perfection. Together you and I will discover tools to make life run more smoothly. We’ll talk about ways to create a peaceful environment in our home without focusing on having the perfectly spotless home. And, we will learn how we can motivate ourselves to be the women God has called us to be.

Join me, a woman who still can’t get it all together, on a journey to finding peace in our lives.


Meet Jennifer

Pursuing Peace, Not Perfection

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Jennifer is a wife and mom who is learning to give everything her best effort, even if it can’t be done perfectly. She and her husband Steven are raising their kids, Harrison and Elizabeth, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Jennifer loves to read, scrapbook, and travel. She sees every experience as an occasion to learn.

Photo Credit:  Reba Cauley